Dilly Deviled Eggs

Published on May 17, 2011

Dilly Develed Eggs



Cut eggs in half, place whites remove yolks on to a plate and place whites on serving dish. Mince yolks with a fork and add remaining ingredients. Stuff whites with filling and sprinkle with paprika. Decorate plate with grape tomatoes and springs of dill. It’s fun to be creative with deviled eggs. Finely chopped green onions and celery work well. If your not a dill lover, for a different flavor garnish the eggs with slices of olives then in place of the dill use tangerine tree leaves or other non poisonous garden plants to add color. Parsley and cucumbers look very nice with deviled eggs. To make a decorative cucumber, run potato peeler down cucumber removing 1/4″ peel, and continue around keeping 1/4″ of the peel between peelings so you have stripes. Then run a fork down pressing in slightly to make small ridges. Slice and overlap around the platter.

ingredients for Dilly Deviled Eggs
eggs at the farmers market
egg filling put through decor kit tube
grape tomatoes at farmers market
dill and the farmers market
Dilly Deviled Eggs