Grandma Ruth’s Vegetable Beef Soup

Published on August 17, 2020

My grandma made this soup for the family when they came over and I remembered loving it. I was too little to know to ask for the recipe and unfortunately it wasn’t in her recipe book. I’m thinking it was passed down verbally from someone and she made it so often, she never needed to write it down. It had been on my bucket list to try and figure out. There was a flavor and I didn’t know what it was until I was playing around and made this soup. It was cumin. I knew it when I took the first bite.

She kept it plain using only a few vegetables, the meat and a lot of broth. And it would have been broth made from good meaty bones she’d cooked for hours. I’ve added a lot of vegetables. Please feel free to change it the way you would like it. I’ve included a several options that I have tried.

Grandma Ruth's Vegetable Beef Soup

Grandma Ruth’s Vegetable Beef Soup